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Earlier this year HSAS was subject to an intensive inspection carried out by the Government's Adult Learning Inspectorate, a Government body that was established to ensure quality and provision of training for adult learners.


The Inspectors sat in on our courses, interviewed employers who use our training services and delegates who have attended our courses. 


The findings of the Inspection resulted in our company being awarded a grade 2 (Good) rating.  This places HSAS in the top 25% of private company Adult Training providers. 


The following have been extracted from the Inspection report:


Para 3 "The overall effectiveness of provision is good". Grade 2


Para 8 "Retention and Achievement on the Level 2 course is good".


Para 10 "Learners develop good skills and understanding.  They speak enthusiastically of their ability to use in their workplace the techniques and knowledge they have gained on the course.  The qualification gained by learners is transferable to other sectors of employment.  It is recognized as a technical qualification in the advanced apprenticeship framework of a number of awarding bodies".


Para 13 "The Company's training responds well to employers needs".


Para 14 "Learners are enthusiastic about the relevance of the course to their responsibilities and roles at work.  Employers comment on how effective the programmes are and the benefits that they have gained from having their staff attend".


Para 25 "HSAS provides well managed engagement to meet the business needs of employers".


Para 26 "HSAS is appropriately flexible in its delivery to meet employers needs".


Para 54 "Learners develop good skills and understanding in the fundamentals of workplace health and safety arrangements".


Para 56 "HSAS offers particularly well structured courses to meet the needs of learners and their employers".


Para 63 "HSAS has good control of the programmes which are well organized and well structured".


Please click here to read the full report