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We see a real opportunity to position Health & Safety as:

A POSITIVE AREA WHICH CAN DELIVER TANGIBLE BENEFITS TO YOUR COMPANY: HSAS can assist you in Managing Health and Safety issues which will add value to your business and support existing working practices within your company by:
  • Attracting and retaining good employees
  • Delivering high levels of productivity
  • Creating and maintaining an environment which is acceptable to the wider community.

A MEANS OF ACHIEVING COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGE RATHER THAN A NEGATIVE COST: Effective employer liability insurance puts a tangible figure on the management of contingent risk. We at HSAS, through our training courses and consultancy services, can assist in minimising the costs of employer liability insurance premiums which will add value to your business through:

  • Protection of the respective interests of shareholders, company officers, and employees
  • continuous & cost-effective insurance policies covering all aspects of employer liability.

By taking advantage of the benefits mentioned above, your company will also achieve and maintain compliance with applicable UK Health and Safety legislation.