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Score Performance indication based on score
0 to 20   Your company is most certainly not meeting its legal obligations in a number of critical areas and both company and individual members of the senior management team could face prosecution in the event of an accident. A visit from the enforcing authority would almost certainly result in formal improvement notices being issued.
21 to 30 Whilst your company has made some effort to meet its legal obligations towards protecting Health and Safety, significant improvement will still be required.
31 to 45 Significant efforts have been made towards meeting legal obligations but some further improvement will be required.
46 to 55 Your company has accepted its legal responsibilities towards protecting Health and Safety. However, there may be opportunities for further improvement and questions answered with 'partial' or 'no' should be reconsidered and action taken where appropriate.
56 to 60 Your company has both accepted and seriously addressed Health and Safety issues.
  Note: These ratings are based only on 20 key areas and must only be treated as a performance indicator. There are many more legal requirements both general and specific which must be met in order for your company to achieve and maintain compliance with UK Health and Safety law.
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