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The quiz requires a Javascript-enabled browser. If your browser is not suitable, please award yourself 3 points for each 'Full' answer, and one point for each 'Partial' answer. Then click the 'Performance Indications' link to assess your score. Please answer by indicating the level of your compliance to each of the twenty key area questions below:
Yes - we comply fully with the criteria
Partial - we comply with the criteria in part
No - we do not comply fully with the criteria
  Criteria Compliance
    Yes Partial No
1 Is there a written Health & Safety Policy Statement signed by the company's Chief Executive?
2 Is the Policy Statement supported by individual Policies & Procedures describing what laws apply to the company and how the legal requirements are met?
3 Are there clear written descriptions of the responsibilities of both Management and others towards protecting Health and Safety?
4 Are those documents subject to periodic (at least bi-annual) review and updated as necessary?
5 Are Health and Safety issues included in management down to first line supervisor's measures of performance?
    Yes Partial No
6 Are periodic audits carried out in order to confirm compliance with existing procedures and to ensure those procedures are adequate?
7 Are design reviews for safety carried out prior to commencing major projects?
8 Is there a person nominated to co-ordinate Health and Safety activities?
9 If yes to 8 above, does that person report to a senior manager?
10 Are there formal arrangements to measure and record the competence of personnel operating potentially dangerous equipment or carrying out tasks containing significant hazards?
    Yes Partial No
11 Have the hazards created by or contained within the company's business operations been identified and associated risks assessed?
12 Are the findings of Risk Assessments recorded in writing and communicated to employees who may be at risk?
13 Have personnel at risk received formal manual handling training and are records of such training maintained?
14 Is there a formal manifest of substances which could represent hazards to health?
15 Have all substances been subject to assessments and are the findings of such assessments recorded?
    Yes Partial No
16 Are all containers carrying substances clearly labelled as to contents?
17 Is there a person responsible for approving PPE prior to first purchase?
18 Are there arrangements in place for recording the issue of and training in correct use of PPE?
19 Are all accidents, including First Aid treatment trends, property damage and near misses investigated and findings communicated to interested parties?
20 Do all managers & supervisors lead by example?
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Note: These ratings are based only on 20 key areas and must only be treated as a performance indicator. There are many more legal requirements both general and specific which must be met in order for your company to achieve and maintain compliance with UK Health and Safety law.
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